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Help Me Improve Hayward!

Special Time

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly.

Did you know this is a SPECIAL TIME OF THE YEAR?

Once every 4 years, Hayward residents have the opportunity to elect their leader, the Mayor. 
In a few weeks, I believe the good people of Hayward will vote current COUNCILMAN MARK SALINAS as the next Mayor of Hayward!
Join me as I help him win 💪 There's a lot we can do!
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Walk precincts and talk to voters (very fun and not intimidating)
  • Hand out "why mark?" brochures
  • Make yard signs
  • Stick yard signs
  • Write postcards
  • Call voters
  • Remind voters to vote
  • Order food for volunteers
omar behind mark's sign.jpeg

Get to know Mark!

"As a teenager my Dad (people knew him as Tony) moved from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Hayward in the 1950’s.  He lived with his aunt Hilda on Chenault Way across the street from the Hayward Airport.  My parents married in 1963 and they began their lifelong investment in Hayward by purchasing their first home on Gaither Way in the Schafer Park Neighborhood.  My Dad worked hard his whole life.  He worked in the Tire Department at Sears at Southland Mall and he was a Chabot College student.  My Dad was a Police Officer for the City of Oakland for 18 years and he was so proud of his industrial steam cleaning business he operated for 10 years.  When my Dad died he was an investigator for the State of California Health and Human Services Department.  My parents were married for 32 years when my father died in 1995 and I am sure he’s pleased that today he’s buried at Lone Tree Cemetery in the city he moved to over 50 years ago and loved so much.
My Mom’s story is similar to many Hayward families.  From New Mexico too, my Mom moved to Hayward when she married my Dad.  People know my mom as Lorina or Lori and she worked at United Can, a company that manufactured all of the cans for Hunts Cannery.  She worked at B.A.R.T. for many years and today she's enjoying retirement from Alameda County.  My Mom over the years has been incredibly active in Hayward and the Hayward Area.  From the St. Bede Woman’s Club to the first women President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County to Board Member of the Seventh Step Foundation.  My Mom is one of the strongest women in my life today.  I love her very much.
I was born at St. Rose Hospital and I grew up in South Hayward in the Schafer Park Neighborhood.  I attended Eldridge Elementary SchoolSt. Bede Catholic School, 3 R's School, and I graduated from Hayward High School.  I transferred from Chabot College to San Francisco State University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in La Raza Studies and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Public Policy Studies.
I am an educator first and my career started 20 years ago at San Francisco State University.  Today, I teach Ethnic Studies, History, and Sociology at Chabot College and on occasion I lecturer in the Ethnic Studies Department at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB).
Today my wife Lety and I live in Downtown Hayward and we wouldn't have thought about living in another city other than Hayward."
More at Volunteer for the campaign below! 

Volunteer on a Mayoral campaign! 

Are you a high school or college student? Or are you a concerned Hayward parent who wants to get more involved in the community? Put in 1 hour or 5 weeks of your time, it's up to how much fun you want to have! Join me!

Thanks! Message sent.

November 6, 2018!

The election's in a couple weeks! Can you get at least 3 people to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018? Here's an easy way to remind 2 friends or family! 

We'll send them a quick note!

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