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About Omar

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Hi! My name is Omar Hashwi. 
When I was a young-one in college, I ran the What to Fix (WTF) campaign to fix anything that needed done on campus. I wanted to apply that same concept in my new neighborhood, my new home.
I now spend about half of my time helping Hayward citizens with things they need done in their neighborhoods. Maybe there's a pothole that drives you crazy 😤 or an ugly piece of furniture 💩 illegally dumped near your house. 
Is there any way I can help? 💪 🇺🇸
Or would you like to roll up your sleeves and help us improve our city? 
If you don't have time but you like what we're doing, we can use your help to fund our efforts! 
Thanks for checking in on what we're up to. Keep up with a "text-a-month" by entering your number below. 
Have a great day 🙏😇
Thank you,
Omar Hashwi
313-694-9013 (text or call)
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